Sia Achieves Blockchain Interoperability Goal With Quant Network

The #FutureOfWork is changing across the global financial services industry. Quant and SIA Europe successfully tested cross-blockchain interoperability between multiple Distributed Ledger Technology protocols on SIA’s inter-bank network, SIAnet. SIA is the backbone for financial institutions, central banks, corporates, and the public sector to process their transactions. It was clear that Quant’s operating system provides the layer for blockchain interoperability in the financial services sector.” Enzo Villani, Managing Partner at Alpha Sigma Capital commented. London & Los Angeles, July 21, (“Quant”) is solving the challenge of interoperability across private and public DLTs . Quant’s main product is Overledger OS, an operating system that connects enterprise networks with different blockchains and enables companies to launch and scale enterprise-grade multi-DLT applications .

Fenergo will work initially with Aviva Investors and later with Aviva UK Insurance, to onboard all legal entities associated with investors and clients across all jurisdictions, transforming the quant network investor and client onboarding experience. The development of the solution began in mid-2019 and a full program of testing has been executed on SIAchain, R3 Corda and private Ethereum platforms.

has worked in cybersecurity for 20 years at CIO/CTO/CISO level in the financial services, government, consulting and industry sectors. He is also the founder of Blockchain ISO Standard TC307, a group of 40 countries working together to develop the standard. We’ve developed an operating system approach which provides a platform for organisations to safely and easily work with multiple blockchains, even allowing internal blockchains, within their own environment, to safely connect with any external blockchain networks. Banking users of SIA’s private blockchain infrastructure will be able to link up with other distributed ledgers following successful testing of interoperability via Quant Network’s Overledger technology. We have pre-defined processes to investigate common events based on criticality and risk. The company receives realtime alerts through our common messaging systems, including slack and inform our leadership (CEO/CTO) of any escalations within minutes.

  • Quant Network, an enterprise blockchain technology firm, and payments infrastructure company SIA have successfully tested cross blockchain interoperability between multiple distributed ledger technology protocols.
  • The development of the solution began in mid-2019 and a full program of testing has been executed on SIAchain, R3 Corda and private Ethereum platforms.
  • This integration provides the ability to bridge permissioned blockchain instances between SIAchain and other external networks – which could not be previously connected – in order to have cross-platform applications and services covering for example notarisation, payments and KYC.
  • Fenergo, a provider of client lifecycle management solutions for financial institutions has been selected by Aviva, to replace know your customer , customer due diligence and anti-money laundering systems and services.
  • Fenergo will work initially with Aviva Investors and later with Aviva UK Insurance, to onboard all legal entities associated with investors and clients across all jurisdictions, transforming the investor and client onboarding experience.
  • Quant Network and SIA will now work together to go to the market developing and implementing further innovative use cases and applications addressing blockchain interoperability challenges.

As aNetwork Engineeryou will have expertise in infrastructure engineering and support. You will join a small but world class team in London and help to monitor and maintain my clients mission critical networks. They cover the global markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and quantitative research. Being a proprietary trading business my client t trades its own accounts and has no investors, clients or customers. The financial industry is going to constantly evolve during the next five years to keep pace with new regulations, changing customer expectations and emerging technologies.

“a pioneer in Blockchain and emerging technologies and a champion for women in blockchain. She is an accomplished policy analyst and writer and is a leader in the London Blockchain ecosystem, especially exploring industry verticals like health.” “Healthcare Unblocked is a cut above the rest – a unique smart agenda designed to unwrap pertinent topics wrapped up in a naturally cosy atmosphere where you can really connect with people. If impersonal blockbuster events leave you cold, reconnect with Unblocked Events.” He is responsible for having solved interoperability in blockchain through the creation of the world’s first blockchain operating system, Overledger. All forthcoming Unblocked events are currently postponed until further notice, due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We have 5,000+ CQF alumni in over 90 countries, who hold key positions at leading organizations across the world, including Bank of America, Barclays, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China and Bloomberg. Taking the CQF has not only enabled them to open up a wealth of networking opportunities, but also build their profiles in the global quant community by participating in local alumni groups. Alpha Sigma Capital is an investment fund focused on blockchain companies that have successfully built a user base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems.

Meaningful Data Trusted Decisions.

The company’s CyberCentral platform enables the public and private sectors to better manage their security risks by automating manual processes – and alleviating the strain on IT teams. There is also a Chief Architect with 30 years of experience, plus 4 core developers. Lastly, Guy Dietrich, MD of Rockefeller Capital, was recently appointed to the board. The project also has numerous advisors with experience in information technology, DLT, business management, governance and compliance. Quant Network was incorporated in October 2017 in Switzerland, acting as the company overseeing the development of a technology named Overledger.

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Shortly after reading the Satoshi paper, I spoke at an HMG conference, and took the opportunity to ask the 500 government delegates if they had heard of the technology. However, despite – or perhaps because of – this, I decided to promote the technology internally, by arranging meetings of the GCHQ team with the objective of understanding blockchain and its underlying mechanism. It was then, in 2009, that I asked our Treasury economic policy team to complete an assessment of the technology, with respect to its implications for the UK economy. If we were to rank all emerging technologies for their power to transform the world, DLTs would be right up there. It describes Overledger as the “blockchain Operating System of the future. It empowers applications to function across multiple blockchains.” The key takeaway here is that they are seeking to solve communications problems between networks by facilitating seamless cross-chain interaction.

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Some are focusing on technical aspects like IEEE, and others are looking at more specific areas such as ITU-T, while ISO is providing a broader perspective. This is further supported by initiatives from INATBA, the European Commission and the EU, which has established an annual Standards “check-in” to provide an update on progress in development, and to agree focus areas and collaboration opportunities. All in all, it is a journey with strong echoes of Internet development in the 1980s and 1990s, with the emergence of OSI and then TCP/IP. Lastly, here is a link to a Google Sheets file with any significant data from previous reports compiled for cross-comparative purposes. It is provided in text form within the Business Paper, with a historical timeline of events since the project’s inception, along with an indication as to the future vision of the project.

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There is also a slideshow of recent news events to remain updated and links to the Quant whitepaper and business paper. Quant Network’s Overledger is not the first system that attempts to address the challenge of interoperability. What appears to set it apart is its Steve Jobsian approach – taking a very complicated technology and making it much easier to use. Other projects focusing on interoperability often seem to add complexity by adding another blockchain on top of existing ones, by introducing another consensus mechanism, or by imposing limitations.

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My conviction that regulation will play a fundamental part in driving the market adoption of blockchain began as long ago as 2009, during the global financial crisis. In the decade before this, I had held various cybersecurity roles both in the private sector and within governments, and I now held a senior role in HM Treasury, helping to transform the way Government operates. November and December 2017 saw the prototype Overledger developed, as well as a cryptocurrency rate patent filed. Q initiated the private sale of tokens to institutions, with March-April launching the public sale. In Q2 2018, TrustTag beta was released (if the roadmap was standalone, we’d need more details on these kinds of events, as this tells us too little). In Q3 2018, the Quant SaaS product was set to be released, with some patents filed. In Q1 2019, there is a mention of the Quant App Store, plus the Open Source SDK, but little else is mentioned.

Leading foreign exchange and global payments provider OFX deploys Quantexa, utilizing Google Cloud Platform, to fight increasing industry financial crime risk and support regulatory obligations. The enhanced capabilities provided by the Contextual Decision Intelligence platform enables Standard Chartered Bank to gain a holistic view of investigations and risk acrossbillions of data points from more than 40 countries. Standard Chartered Bank implemented Quantexa technology to conduct more effective and efficient cryptocurrency news thematic financial investigations. HSBC Global Trade and Receivables Finance business wanted to improve the effectiveness of its AML monitoring to better combat financial crime. Make sense of huge volumes of data through network visualization and intuitive search features and dashboards. Detect tax fraud, improve customs controls, monitor benefits, and visualize robust networks to tackle error or criminality. Connect billions of data records with Dynamic Entity Resolution and advanced network analytics.

He also sits on committees in the Federal Reserve, the EU’s Blockchain Observatory, PayUK’s Cybersecurity board and UK Government’s DLT committees. Configuration and change management approach We use the tools available in AWS to track the services used and their lifecylce. Complemented with realtime reporting on configuration, application and infrastructure performance and health of the systems. This integration provides the ability to bridge permissioned blockchain instances between SIAchain and other external networks – which could not be previously connected – in order to have cross-platform applications and services covering for example notarisation, payments and KYC.

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Quantexa’s contextual approach enables the bank to better identify suspicious patterns and potential criminal networks by combining customer and counterparty trade information, transactional data and external insights. Gilbert is building the Internet of Trust by converging Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity as the Founder and CEO of Quant Network, tasked with connecting the world’s networks to blockchains. Embedded in the IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force, Open Digital Asset Protocol is being designed to complement existing financial systems and enable the use and integration of interoperable digital assets. Quant and MIT have partnered to host a number of Industry days to discuss the impact of Digital Assets and the need for an interoperability protocol to prepare financial institutions and clients for a system that encompasses digital assets with traditional finance. If you are mathematically minded and want to switch careers to work in banking, or have even been thinking about gaining the right qualifications to advance your financial services career during lockdown, then this is exactly the right time to invest in yourself and take the CQF.

It was around this time, in my role as CISO for the Department of Health, I faced a data interchange issue between different systems and jurisdictions. I began to think about DLT technology might be used as a secure overlay to health systems. is a technology innovator with 20 years of experience in information, cybersecurity and AI across the financial services, government and industry sectors. Headquartered in London, UK, Quant is recognised as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2019 and is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in. We have perimeter, internal and external monitoring in place from firewalls, web applications firewalls, internal operating systems and databases events that are all monitored into a single logging instance. We have realtime alerting dashboards and notifications when things are flagged.

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Finally, in Q3 2019, there is a mention of the Quant Enterprise Mapps (multi-chain applications) and Treaty Contracts. Further still down the homepage, we find a list of their prestigious partners, such as Oracle, Hyperledger, Nvidia, and AWS.

After all, it’s your education, skills, experience and particular way of looking at the world that are so crucially important for financial services firms to take on board now. Last month, a global audience of over 2,000 influential quant finance practitioners and academics drawn from a range of relevant disciplines and sectors, joined us for our 6thAnnualQuant Insights Conferencedelivered virtually online by the CQF Institute, part of Fitch Learning. After six years, this forum has now become well-regarded as one of the flagship events for the quant finance community. Storage Made Easy’s multi-cloud software product Enterprise File Fabric provides a security and governance blanket for siloed company data. It’s a hybrid solution that gives clients intelligent, policy-based enforcement across all corporate data, be that on-premises, at a data centre or in the cloud.

We are always delighted to hear from you about Blockchain events, information and news – whether you are a newcomer or an expert, get in touch and let us know your comments and questions. “as informative quant network and insightful as it was entertaining, with the distinguished panel offering diverse opinions on blockchain’s manifold applications. Networking opportunities were ample and the good food a real bonus.”


The launch of the patented blockchain operating system Overledger will fundamentally change the current situation as it not only enables interoperability between blockchains but also connects the world’s existing networks and the Internet to blockchain. Financial IT chats with Gilbert Verdian, CEO and Founder of blockchain technology company Bitcoin.

Overledger was conceptualised in March 2017 as a blockchain operating system, facilitating communication between multiple blockchains. The SIAchain infrastructure makes available a series of business applications to meet the requirements of specific communities – guaranteed by SIA – of registered, approved members, in a context of transparency, confidentiality and security.

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